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Rainbows bring cheer

Sharing an idea.

It is so nice to see the rainbows when we go for a walk.....

Over the next few weeks, many of us will be increasing our time spent at home. It can be hard to find things to do all day (especially with children) and not lose your mind. So I was thinking about a way for our community to still get outside and do something fun, without touching or coughing near others.

I thought it’d be fun to have a neighborhood wide rainbow 🌈 hunt!

All you have to do is put a rainbow in your window between now and this Friday. That’s it! Color it, paint it, cut it out, print it from the printer, whatever.

Then we can get outside, walk around and see how many rainbows we can find!

It’s easy. No human contact. Get fresh air. Make a rainbow and then hunt for others. Enjoy!

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