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May Announcement

The Camelot Village & Malory Square Community  Late Spring Maintenance & Community  Reminders Final Warning Notice  Please read all of the information provided below, as these are issues that will be strictly enforced and may result in Fines up to $100 a day. On May 11th & 12th you may have noticed our Landscape & Maintenance Committee out doing their first walk-through of lots. You will see them once again out and about June 1st & 2nd doing their second walk-through. Why? “Your HOA Board of Directors do notwant to issue fines. Staying in compliance, in order to maintain property values, will prevent you from having to pay a fine.” 

Notes from your Landscape & Maintenance Committee: • Trash and Recycling Bins: Over 40 homeowners still have their Trash and Recycling Bins located beside their house. Trash and Recycling Bins should be stored out of view. In your garage or behind your home. • Power washing: Most of the homes in our Community are over a year old. A good rule of thumb to follow: Clean the exterior of your home thoroughly at least once every year, with additional cleanings as needed if you see any signs of mold, mildew growth or green stains. A great Power Washing Company that is acquainted with our neighborhood is “First Class Clean” Contact: (919) 210-6899. Offers Free Quotes! • Landscaping: So many yards look amazing! Your hard work and dedication to keeping our Community looking its best is appreciated. However, we still have about 25 yards that could use some work, so here are a few lawn tips and a landscaper that has been used a few times in our neighborhood if you are in need of one. “Haul and Install Landscaping” Contact: (919) 972-1315 Offers Free Quotes! Spring - Clean-up (removal of winter debris, prune trees and bushes). Fertilize trees, shrubs & ground cover. Pre-emergent weed control (2x). Cutback of perennials. Bushes & Flowers should not be allowed to grow past the bottom of your first floor windows. Replenish mulch. Ongoing - Mowing early Spring through late Fall every 7-10 days to 2” - 3”. Edge around flower beds, tree rings, driveways, curbs, and sidewalks every other mowing. Pruning of flower beds, tree rings, shrubbery and ground cover. Weed treatment on sidewalks, curbs & hard surfaces. Additionally, hardscapes should be regularly edged and trimmed, this includes walkways, driveways, sidewalks, and curbs. If you have a sidewalk on your lot, you are responsible for mowing/edging the space between the sidewalk and the curb/road.

It’s as Easy as A B C  Are you planning an exterior change? Including but not limited to: Sheds, trees, plants, & gazebos.  Ask the Architectural Review Committee (ARC), if your change or construction is within the communities Architectural Guidelines & Property Standards, by submitting the request form found on our community website, under Documents & Links at to Guidelines & Standards are also available on the website. Be approved. The ARC has 45 days after receipt of your request to make their decision. After the decision has been made, you will receive a letter in the mail from Kohn-Ell Property Management. Commence with your project.

Of course, if you have any questions or concerns, please contact Brandis at at any time!

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