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Associa Meet & Greet Minutes

Held online via Go To Meeting, July 29th 6pm-6:30pm.

Post cards from Associa have been mailed out to all homeowners.

Associa is still updating all of our information into their systems. This may take a week or two. Please be patient.

Welcome Packets:

Welcome packets will be going out within the first few weeks of August.

Save the envelope of your welcome packet, because your customer account number will be located on the front sticker next to your name and address. If you accidentally throw your envelope away, you can call 919-787-9000 and they will tell you what your customer account number is.

Communities TownSquare Website/App:

Information on signing up for TownSquare will be in your welcome packet.

Signing up for TownSquare is very important. It is a way of communicating with Associa, Board Members, Neighbors, seeing your HOA Due's Balance, submitting Architectural Review Forms, Community Events, etc.

Ways to pay Dues:

There will be an Auto withdraw form within your Welcome Packet.

It is free to pay by auto withdraw.

You can mail in a check. The address to mail checks to should also be in the welcome packet. It is free to pay by check, unless you count postage.

You can pay through the TownSquare website/App with a Credit or Debit Card, BUT please keep in mind, there is a convenience fee and percentage fee added on.

Late fees:

Late fees will be suspended for 2 months to give everyone time to transfer over to Associa and get caught up on dues that were due July-August 2021.

Who to Call:

If you have not received your Welcome packet by August 31st, 2021, please call 919-787-9000.

Assoica's Customer Care number is 919-787-9000.

Their hours are as follows:

Mon-Thurs: 9-5

Friday: 9-2

Property Inspections:

Property inspections will be done once a month by Associa.

You will see an Associa car driving through the neighborhood once a month.

They will not get out of their car and please do not approach the car.

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