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Architectural Change Request Form Guidelines to Follow

Let's take a few minutes to break down the Architectural Change Request Form.

Find the form here:

Where do you send your form once its been completely filled out and you have everything required put together (permit, sizes, pictures of styles, colors, heights & dimensions, description of materials, etc.)??

You have 4 options:

Why do I see HOA Board Members or members of the Architectural Review Committee on my property??

Please understand that by submitting an Architectural Change Request Form you have granted them permission to be on your property prior to, during, and after completion of the project.

If the HOA Board of Directors or the Architectural Review Committee finds your project has not been completed in the time allotted or is not fully compliant with the Covenants or not maintained, or the City of Raleigh finds it is not compliant with their rules and guidelines and they fine the HOA (Homeowners Association), you will be responsible for all expenses associated with your project and responsible for making it compliant. This is why it is very important to give as much information as possible and why we request a copy of the Permit issued by the City of Raleigh.

You are responsible for obtaining all necessary permits from the City of Raleigh and any other local governments having jurisdiction and submitting them with your Architectural Change Request Form. You are also responsible for calling the Dig Hotline before your project begins, to prevent any damage to equipment underground.

After you submit your Architectural Change Request Form, please allow 30-60 days from the receipt of your completed application. If you submit your form and it does not provide all information required, you will be asked to submit the missing documents and information. Your 30-60 days starts once everything has been turned in correctly and no documents or information is missing.

Signatures are required from any neighbors that touch your lot. If they are renters, that is okay, you may still request signatures from them. Try multiple times if needed to obtain all signatures before submitting your Architectural Change Request Form.

To speed up the process, please include as much information as possible. Your Permit from the City of Raleigh, documents, drawings, pictures, detailed information, sizes, description of materials, etc. Drawing out your dimensions on your plat map is strongly advised. If you don't have a plat map, you can request one from the City of Raleigh or draw one out yourself. Including measurements and exiting structures and property lines is also helpful.

If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact your HOA Board of Directors at

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