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2nd Semi-Annual Assessment


As an owner of a home in The Camelot Village and Malory Square Community, you are required to pay assessments per the covenants; "Section 5.2 Regular Assessments. Regular Assessments for the payment of the Common Expenses shall be made in the manner provided herein, and in the manner provided in the Bylaws. The Regular Assessment is established for the benefit and use of the Association and shall be used in covering all of the Common Expenses."

The 2nd Semi-Annual Assessment for 2019 is due July 1, 2019 and will be considered late and subject to fees if received after August 1, 2019. A $20 late fee will be added to your account for every month you are late.

Kohn-Ell is utilizing an online payment system that accepts all major credit cards and offers lower convenience fees, recurring payments and information storage. Use this link: for online payments. E-check or credit cards payments can be made after you register for an account. A convenience fee will be charged for credit card payments, however, there is no fee associated with the e-check option.

You can also mail your check or money order to the Kohn-Ell Raleigh office. Mail To: Camelot Village Property Owner's Association, Inc.

c/o Kohn-Ell Association Management Services

PO Box 97533

Raleigh, NC 27624

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