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Nominate Candidates for the Camelot Village Homeowners Association Townhome Committee

Nomination Instructions

Every Townhome Lot Owner is apart of the Camelot Village Homeowners Association (HOA) and has the right to be nominated for a position on the Townhome Committee.

Please note: It is not a requirement per the covenants, but it's always good practice for Lot Owners to be in “good standing” when serving on the Townhome Committee. Beyond serving important administrative and governance roles, the Townhome Committee are visible community members. Holding Townhome Committee members to community expectations sets an important standard. In addition, a Townhome Committee member who is already at odds with the association may run into conflicts of interest when considering similar issues facing other owners.

Follow these instructions to nominate yourself and/or other individuals for consideration:

  • Complete and submit the form below to nominate yourself and/or other individuals.

  • You must submit a separate form for each individual nomination.

  • You must discuss your nomination(s) with the individual(s) prior to submission. By nominating any individual, you attest to their willingness to be considered for the open Townhome Committee positions.


Nominations must be received by May 13, 2022 and will be reviewed by the current Board of Directors for completion.

Per Covenants:

Section 1.39. “Townhome Committee" shall mean and refer to a Committee of three (3) Owners from the Townhome Section elected by the Owners of the Townhome Section. The Townhome Committee shall consist of three (3) elected Owners from the Townhome Section, to serve a one-year term of office. The Townhome Committee shall be elected annually by the Townhome Owners during the annual meeting for the Association.


In the event the Townhome Owners shall fail to elect a sufficient number of Townhome Owners to serve on the Townhome Committee, or insufficient volunteers may be found to serve on the Townhome Committee or a resignation occurs on the Townhome Committee which is unable to be filled with a Townhome Owner, then in that event, the Board of Directors for the Camelot Village Property Owners Association, Inc, shall fill all vacancies with any Owner regardless of whether said Owner is a Townhome Owner or not.

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