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The purpose of “Village Square News” is to inform residents of business affairs of the community, issues affecting residential and community property, useful information of general interest and reference information for community resources. No political advertising or church news will be accepted. All information and articles submitted to the Committee become the property of the Community Association, which publishes articles at its’ sole discretion.


Email all articles and images to:

When sending your article, Please include your First & Last Name. Your Email & Phone number, and the type of article it is (Meet Your Neighbors, Community Resources, Committee Related, Community News, Did you Know, Upcoming Events, School Related, Home Based business Ad, Recipe, Safety Tips, Handy Home Tips, etc.).

Deadlines for newsletter submissions:

• January – December 20

• February – January 20

• March – February 20

• April – March 20

• May – April 20

• June – May 20

• July – June 20

• August – July 20

• September – August 20

• October – September 20

• November – October 20

• December – November 20


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