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Camelot Village Property Owners Association

Quarterly Board Meeting


10:00am - 11:00am

Sure Promise Christian Church

Called to Order:

Kristy Payne (President)

Board members present:

Kristy Payne (President), Vicki Merritt (Vice-President), Theresa Swindell (Treasurer), Blanchie Hubbard (Secretary) and Marchell Williams (Member at Large).

Residents present:

did not take roll call

Roll Call and Introductions:

Quorum Requirements Met


Quorum Requirements Met

Treasurer’s Report:


Reports from Committees:

  • Social Events Committee

Kristy Payne (President)
Social Events Committee - Neighborhood block party follow up discussion.
Future Social Events Committee Plans – Halloween Porch Crawl, Coat Collection, and Angel Tree.
Porch Crawl (no cost), Coat Collection (partner with Sure Promise Christian Church), and Angel Tree (still undecided).

  • Architectural Review Committee:


  • Landscape and Maintenance Committee:


Old Business:

1. Kristy Payne (President), Contacted Harrison Fence and they will be installing Children at Play signs on November 9th.
Motion Approved

2. It was discovered by Kristy Payne (President), with the help of Kimberly (Dan Ryan), that the Covenants were changed regarding rental properties. There is no limit on how many rental properties are owned in the community. Rental properties no longer pay more in dues. Rental signs are not allowed anywhere in the community. Only For Sale signs. 

3. November 14th there will be 8 hearings held for homeowners in violation of the Covenants.

New Business:

1. Would like to create a Green Thumb Committee in the future, if we add flowers to the entrance sign. 

2. Homeowners on Princess Anna Marie Lane received a notice that there may be 55 more townhomes built behind them. These homes will be apart of Camelot Village and connected at the end of Queen Pierrette Street.

3. Haul & Install Landscaping will start planting seeds and adding fertilizer in preparation for winter.

Guest Speaker:

Pam Adderley (City of Raleigh Community Relations Analyst)

Open Forum:

Homeowners have concerns about residents letting their dogs use the bathroom in yard and not picking it up. The board advised residents to get addresses of the pet owners in question and send the information to Brandis Wheeler (Kohn-Ell). 

Next Board Meeting:

November 19, 2019

Meeting adjourned by:

Kristy Payne (President)

Meeting Minutes Hereby accepted by the Board of Directors of the Camelot Village Property Owners Association on:

Oct. 23, 2019

Meeting Minutes Approved By:

Kristy Payne (President)

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