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Camelot Village Property Owners Association

Closed Board Meeting


7:00pm - 8:20pm

Kristy Payne's House

Called to Order:

Kristy Payne (President)

Board members present:

Kristy Payne (President), Blanchie Hubbard (Secretary) and Marchell Williams (Member at Large) via Phone.

Residents present:


Roll Call and Introductions:

Quorum Requirements Met


Quorum Requirements Met

Treasurer’s Report:


Reports from Committees:

  • Social Events Committee

Kristy Payne (President)

Social Events Committee - Neighborhood block party set for September 14th from 3pm - 8pm.

  • Architectural Review Committee:


  • Landscape and Maintenance Committee:


Old Business:


New Business:

1. Kids at play sign locations for both neighborhoods. Mallory Square 1st lot on right on easement. Camelot Village by neighborhood entrance sign.
APPROVED - Kristy (President) will call 811.

2. Homeowners or Property Management Companies should be paying 25% more in HOA dues. Kristy (President) will contact Brandis (Kohn-Ell) to see how to start enforcing this covenant.

3. Review of Masonry Quote for addition to Camelot Village entrance sign.
Motion approved with conditions. There needs to be a Green Thumb Committee in place first, due to the needs of keeping flowers fresh and watered as needed. Kristy (President) will try to get volunteers for this committee during the Block Party.

4. Review of Board of Directors Code of Conduct. 

5. Standard Set Back Signs.

6. Having hearings on Saturday's if allowed. Sending out notice for hearings discussion. 
Hearings can begin at 8:00 a.m.

7. Having Quarterly, Open to Homeowners, Board Meetings.

Guest Speaker:


Open Forum:


Next Board Meeting:


Meeting adjourned by:

Kristy Payne (President)

Meeting Minutes Hereby accepted by the Board of Directors of the Camelot Village Property Owners Association on:

August 28, 2019   

Meeting Minutes Approved By:

Kristy Payne

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