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Camelot Village Property Owners Association

Closed Board Meeting


6:30pm - 7:30pm

Kristy Payne's House

Called to Order:

Kristy Payne (President)

Board members present:

Kristy Payne (President), Vicki Merritt (Vice-President) and Theresa Swindell (Treasurer)

Residents present:


Roll Call and Introductions:

Quorum Requirements Met


Quorum Requirements Met

Treasurer’s Report:


Reports from Committees:

  • Social Events Committee

Kristy Payne (President)
Social Events Committee - Needs a little more money to rent generators for National Night Out.
Motion Approved.

  • Architectural Review Committee:


  • Landscape and Maintenance Committee:


Old Business:

1. Motion to hire new landscaping company after reviewing quote.
Motion Approved.​

2. Motion to add brick flower area to Camelot Village entrance sign.  - Vicki Merritt (Vice President) will get quotes.

3. Children at Play signs need to be installed. - Vicki Merritt (Vice President) will find someone to install both signs.

4. Need to get Speed Limit Sign Petitions signed. Walk door to door on Saturday, August 10th at 9am, Saturday, August 17th and Saturday, August 31st.

New Business:

1. Motion to start a Green Thumb Committee - to plant flowers at the entrance sign if we decide to pay to put in a brick flowerbed in the future.
Motion Approved.

2. Homeowners aging report. Non-payment of assessments limit before taking action. $540.
Motion Approved.

3. Motion to start a Yard of the Month Contest. Winner will have a yard sign that says "Yard of the Month" to display for 30 days in their yard. 
Motion Approved.

4. Motion to also give the winner of Yard of the Month Contest a $25 gift card.
Motion Approved.

5. Standard Set Back Signs.

Guest Speaker:


Open Forum:


Next Board Meeting:

Thursday, September 12th at 6:30pm

Meeting adjourned by:

Meeting Adjourned by Kristy Payne

Meeting Minutes Hereby accepted by the Board of Directors of the Camelot Village Property Owners Association on:

June 7, 2019   

Meeting Minutes Approved By:

Kristy Payne

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