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Camelot Village Property Owners Association

Quarterly Board Meeting


6:30pm - 7:30pm

Barwell Community Center

Called to Order:

Kristy Payne (President)

Board members present:

Kristy Payne (President), Vicki Merritt (Vice-President), Blanchie Hubbard (Secretary) and Marchell Williams (Member at Large)

Residents present:

Josephine Freites, Tia Williams, Torie Cowan, Tisha Phillips, Gray Herbert, Brandi McNeill, Cheryl McCall, Marquette Ballard and Colette Hollenquest

Roll Call and Introductions:

Vicki Merritt (Vice-President) and Quorum Requirements Met


Vicki Merritt (Vice-President) and Quorum Requirements Met

Treasurer’s Report:

Kristy Payne (President)

Reports from Committees:

  • Social Events Committee

Marchell Williams (Member at Large)

  • Architectural Review Committee:

Marchell Williams (Member at Large)

  • Landscape and Maintenance Committee:

Marchell Williams (Member at Large)

Old Business:

Review of minutes from last Board meeting:
Blanchie Hubbard (Secretary)

New Business:


Guest Speaker:


Open Forum:

1. Question: What does the Landscaping funds cover? 
Answer: All common areas.

2. Question: How much did they charge for landscaping in June?
Answer: $

3. Question: How do we pick what landscapers we use. Can we choose another landscaper and shop around for better prices?
Answer: Kohn-Ell has hired our current landscaper. Currently shopping around now for better prices. President has met with several other companies and waiting to hear back with quotes.

4. Question: Do you have to be on the board to decide on that kind of stuff? Regarding who is hired.
Answer: Yes

5. Question: What can be done about the speeding and the safety of the children?
Answer: We have a petition to change the speed limit in Camelot Village and we have to try to get all homeowners in Camelot Village to sign.

6. Question: Will there be landscaping done to the entrance sign?
Answer: Yes

7. Question: Lights for the entrance sign?
Answer: Yes. No electricity, so looking for solar lights.

8. Question: Is Camelot Village and Malory Square the same neighborhood?
Answer: Yes, just different name. Same community.

9. Question: Does Malory Square get an entrance sign?
Answer: It doesn't look like Dan Ryan is going to build one. Waiting on Plot plans of Malory Square to see where one can be built using HOA funds.

10. Question: Will HOA dues go down once the townhomes are being built?
Answer: Mike said they "might" go down, but it was not a promise. Our dues are already pretty low as it is and I can't see them going down. However, Townhomes will have higher dues, due to the fact they will have to pay extra for landscaping of their yards.

11. Question: How do you become a board member?
Answer: Must come to the annual board meeting and wait for a position to become available.

12. Question: Why do we pay $300 a year, for what? Where is the money going?
Answer: We have $50,000 in our HOA account. Money has not been spent in 4 years by previous HOA Board members.

However, money has been spent towards stormwater maintenance, insurance, property management company, letters that get sent out by property management company, upkeep of common areas. Things we plan to spend the money on are:

Playground, One more Dog Waste Station, Enhance the look of the Camelot Village Entrance Signs, Build a Malory Square Entrance Sign, Community Events and more. Some of the hold up on building a Malory Square entrance sign is waiting on Day Ryan to provide us with a Plot map to show us where the HOA land is.

13. Question: Lawns not being maintained, four wheelers, homeowners not following the rules. What is being done?
Answer: Tons of final warning letters have been sent out. Deadlines have been set for homeowners to abide by the rules, if they don't, hearings will be held and fines will be enforced. We have had a great response from a lot of homeowners that have received final warning letters. They are becoming compliant with the covenants.

14. Question: Parking, what is being done about everyone parking on the streets?
Answer: There are no city laws about parking in the streets. That makes it hard to enforce. We as homeowners/Board Members can not give tickets like law enforcement can. Figuring out who owns what car will cost the HOA tons of money running license plates in the system to find out who they belong to. We have chosen to fight other battles first, that are easier to enforce and will work towards the parking situation in the future.

15. Question: So many renters. Who is held accountable and fined when someone is renting? 
Answer: The homeowner.

16. Question: Can we figure out a plan to make renters accountable?
Answer: Homeowners that rent their homes, will have to deal with their renters. 

Next Board Meeting:

Thursday, August 8th at 6:30pm

Meeting adjourned by:

Kristy Payne at 7:30pm

Meeting Minutes Hereby accepted by the Board of Directors of the Camelot Village Property Owners Association on:

June 12, 2019

Meeting Minutes Approved By:

Kristy Payne

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