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Camelot Village Property Owners Association

Closed Board Meeting


6:00pm - 7:30pm

Sure Promise Christian Church - 4301 Pearl Road

Called to Order:

Kristy Payne (President)

Board members present:

Kristy Payne (President), Blanchie Hubbard (Secretary), Theresa Swindell (Treasurer), Vikki Merritt (Vice-President), and Marchell Williams (Member at Large)

Residents present:


Roll Call and Introductions:

Quorum Requirements Met


Quorum Requirements Met

Treasurer’s Report:


Reports from Committees:

  • Social Events Committee

Kristy Payne (President)
Social Events Committee - Board members voted on Community Garage Sale date: June 30, 2019.

  • Architectural Review Committee:

Kristy Payne (President)
Requested the board to find them some additional volunteers to join their committees.

  • Landscape and Maintenance Committee:

Kristy Payne (President)
Requested the board to find them some additional volunteers to join their committees.

Old Business:

1. Front Entrance Flowers & spotlights (by entrance sign)
Motion Approved 

2. Kids at play sign - City doesn’t allow, but can be on private property. 
The Board President agreed to check prices/property designation area for signs.

3. Car oil stains on the street.
Concerned homeowners can call the City of Raleigh about street cleaning.

New Business:

1. Dog Waste Stations for Malory Square.
Motion Approved.

2. New Company to maintain Dog Waste Stations for both sides of the community.
Motion approved.

3. Poo Prints DNA Testing of dog waste left on common areas and in yards.
Motion denied at this time - will revisit if dog waste is still an issue after dog waste stations are installed.

4. Petition to lower the speed limit for Camelot Village
Motion approved

5. If the city will not install speed bumps in the community, add our own.
Motion approved.

6. Add privacy fence behind the homes that back up to Pearl Road.
Agreed to get a pricing quote.

7. Start neighborhood watch committee.
Motion approved.

8. Hire new landscaping company for community.
Motion approved.

Guest Speaker:

Brandis Wheeler (Kohn-Ell representative)

Open Forum:

1. Above ground pool was seen in the community.
Send homeowner a reminder above ground pools are not allowed.

2. Need to get more homeowners aware of the Community Website and/or Facebook. So they can see the monthly newsletters, important information, etc.

3. All Gazebos need ARC approval.
Motion approved.

Next Board Meeting:

June 11th, 2019 at 6:30 pm at the Barwell Community Center

Meeting adjourned by:

Meeting Adjourned by Kristy Payne at 7:30pm

Meeting Minutes Hereby accepted by the Board of Directors of the Camelot Village Property Owners Association on:

June 12, 2019   

Meeting Minutes Approved By:

Kristy Payne

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