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The Camelot Village & Malory Square


MAY 2019

Homeowners of The Camelot Village & Malory Square Community, I am pleased to announce the launch of our brand new website! The URL is My goal with this new website is to provide Homeowners an easier way to learn about The Camelot Village and Malory Square Community. This new website is interactive and gives better access to Paying Dues, Newsletters, Calendar of Events, Volunteer Opportunities, and Contact information. Current and New Homeowners will find useful information  about our Community on this 

website. The site contains an integrated social media button for Facebook to improve communication with Homeowners. I will be updating the content with helpful information, newsletters and announcements. I hope you find the new website easy to access information. For any suggestions, feedback or comments pertaining to the website, please submit a form here.

Very grateful,

Kristy Payne

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Questions or Concerns?

Contact Brandis
Wheeler at:

(919) 856-1844,

ext. 5001

Did you know?

Planting Shrubs & Flowers

There are already some beautiful flowers being planted in our
community. Flowers add such a wonderful pop of color to any
yard. Shrubs and flowers planted within three feet of the front
of your house or around your tree ring in the front yard, as
long as they are not allowed to grow higher than the lowest
portion of the windows of your home, do not need Approvals
from the Architectural Committee. However, all trees
planted do need approval. Remember, if you plan to place
bedding borders around those beautiful flowers, make sure
it doesn't exceed 8 inches in height.

Swimming Pools

It's almost time to start thinking about swimming pools.
No above-ground swimming pools shall be permitted in the
Community. However, Requests for in-ground swimming
pools shall be considered.

I would like to add that the state, county and city of Raleigh have rules and regulations about pools. Something we can’t even control as homeowners.

“Flowers add such
a wonderful pop
of color to any

Residential swimming pools are regulated by the state, county and City of Raleigh. These regulations are meant to make sure pools are safe for everyone to enjoy!

The City requires you to obtain a plot plan review and City permits before installing a residential pool, including an in-ground pool, above-ground pool, on-ground pool, spa or hot tub that can hold more than 24 inches of water. You also must have the City inspect your pool for compliance with swimming pool regulations.


Swimming pools require Building and Electrical Permits. If connection is made to a water supply in the home, a Plumbing Permit for the water service extension and a backflow device will also be required.


All pools must be enclosed by a four-foot high barrier with openings no wider than four inches and self-closing, self-latching gates.


First Time Homeowner
By: Colette Jackson Hollenquest

Hi all, I am a Midwest girl transplant, that has lived in North Carolina for 12 years. I work at Wake County Human Services as a foster care social worker. I moved to the community December 6, 2018. I am so excited about being a first time homeowner and I am loving my new home. I am very eager and looking forward to getting to know my neighbors. I have one adult son and 4 young adult daughters who are all currently attending college. I have two grandchildren age 6 and 3. Unfortunately they both live out of state. I am an empty nester and find myself trying to get used to all of the quiet. Oh and be on the lookout for some celebrating soon. My family and I will be celebrating my first college graduate. I apologize for the extra cars parked on the street for a few hours and noise in advance. You are welcome to drop by on Saturday, May 11th at 2:00pm on Lady Rita Lane.


Volunteers Needed:

Community Committees




Keeping Property
Values High.





Connecting our





Keeping our families
and property safe.


Upcoming Events

Board of Directors Organizational Meeting


May 1st, 2019
6:00pm - 7:00pm

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Committee Members:

Kristy Payne

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