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JULY 2019


Summer is such an exciting time. Kids are enjoying their summer break, families are going on summer vacations and neighbors are out enjoying all that Raleigh has to offer. If you see a neighbor out and about enjoying this beautiful weather, make sure to share a friendly smile, wave and say hello.
Very grateful,
Kristy Payne, HOA Board of Directors President

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Wheeler at:

(919) 856-1844,

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Did you know?

Items listed below require approval. An application must be submitted to Kohn-Ell for approval and must meet these guidelines. For a list of all items, including the ones not listed
here, visit our website under the tab documents
& links

Driveways and Parking Areas
• Proposed changes in driveways or driveway extensions must be submitted to the ARC;
• Application must include plat map showing proposed location and dimensions of driveway extensions
• Gravel driveways or parking areas will not be permitted.


Community Pools
• No above-ground swimming pools are allowed in the Subdivision;
• Requests for in-ground swimming pools shall be considered.

Gazebos/Decks/Screened Enclosures/Outdoor Living Areas
• If you have a gazebo of any kind and you haven’t already requested approval, please do so as soon as possible.
• A deck should not extend past the side of the house;
• All decks should be on the rear of the house. No side or front decks are permitted;
• Decks may not be painted;

Deck installation should pose no drainage problems for you or your neighbors;
• The materials to be used are designed specifically for patio and/or deck designs;
• Screened enclosures must not be visible from the street;
• All decks, patios, gazebos and screened porches must blend in with the natural terrain.

Storing Items


No items (toys, bikes, garden equipment, barbecue grills, trash or recycle containers, chairs, wood, recycling bins, etc.) may be left in front or side yards or on porches when not in


Hello Neighbors. My name is Marie Richters. Hendrik Fuchs and I just recently moved into our new home in Malory Square with our two dogs, Anja (a white greyhound) and Bella (a black lab). You will most likely see our family on our evening walks through the
neighborhood, please feel welcome to say hello! I currently work for NC Department of Health and Human Services and Hendrik works for Leith Volkswagen. We are both athletes and avid sports fans. Our favorite sports are soccer and football and our favorite teams are FC Bayern Munich and Dallas Cowboys.


Camelot Village Entrance


The brick entrance signs are the first

thing people see when entering the

Camelot Village neighborhood. After

several years of being neglected, the

Board of Directors thought they were

due for a good cleaning. Your HOA

President hired First Class Clean to

come out and clean them up for us.

June 24th, First Class Clean came out and did just that.

Wow, what a difference it made! The entrance signs look so much better.
First Class Clean (919) 296-0620


Pet Waste Stations


Your Board of Directors voted to hire a company to install and maintain our Dog Waste Stations. Your HOA President hired DoodyCalls. Currently we have two Dog Waste Stations in
Camelot Village. They are located at the corner of Princess Anna Marie/Queen Pierrette St. and Lady Yvone Way/Queen Pierrette St. Soon we will have two more stations located in Malory Square. One will be located on Lord Joseph Court and the other on Lady Rita Lane near the Stormwater Retention Basin (BMP). Please take advantage of these stations and clean up after your pet.


Upcoming Events

OPEN Board Meeting

July 11th - 6:30pm
Barwell CC


July 12



July 13th & 14th
7 am - 12 noon


Final Warning Letters went out the end of June to individual homeowners not following the covenants. Your HOA Board of Directors have given ample time. Homeowners that do not follow the covenants by mid July, will start receiving hearing letters. Hearings are held to give homeowners the chance to explain to the HOA Board of Directors why they are not following the covenants. The HOA Board of Directors can Fine homeowners up to $100 a day after a hearing has been held until the homeowner becomes compliant with all covenants.



Produced under the authority of The Camelot Village and Malory Square Community Association by the Newsletter Committee.


Committee Members:

Kristy Payne

Village Square 

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