Community Management


Associa® H.R.W. Management  AAMC® 

4700 Homewood Court, Suite 380 Raleigh, NC 27609

Office: 919-787-9000


Robbi Laney

Community Association Manager

Direct: 919-786-8036

HOA Board of Directors



Kristy Payne
3 Year Term


Marchell Williams
1 Year Term



1 Year Term


Brandi Mcneill
2 Year Term

Member at Large

3 Year Term

Our community is managed by The Camelot Village Property Homeowners Association, Inc., several committees and an association management company,  Associa. Our community is a North Carolina non-profit corporation, known as Camelot Village Property Owners Association, Inc., which is responsible for the maintenance, management and control of the common areas and upon each Lot and dwelling as more specifically set forth in the covenants. The Board of Directors shall conduct the affairs of the Association in accordance with the Bylaws. The Board of Directors may also appoint committees and managers or other employees and agents who shall, subject to the general direction of the Board of Directors, be responsible for the day-to-day operation of the Association. The homeowner's association Board of Directors duties are to help maintain a clean and cohesive atmosphere in the neighborhood. Moving into a planned development often requires you to join the community’s homeowners association and pay its fees to help cover the upkeep of common areas, shared structures, and exteriors. Membership also binds you to the association’s covenants, conditions, and restrictions (CC&R).